Below is an explanation to help clarify the numbers listed under our Monthly Support Packages

Personnel hours:

Products (est.): 

Max. sizes (est.):

Max. SKUs (est.):

QC volume (FOB):

 No. of Orders:









  • Personnel hours are the priority criteria for you monthly support package

  • For the BASIC support package, you will be guaranteed the equivalent of up to 20% of a single BagMe Employee's time in any given week/month dedicated to your project

  • CORPORATE packages give you access to the equivalent of 100% of the time of 2 Employee's dedicated to your account in any given week/month

  • You will always be assigned a Merchandiser/Developer from BagMe as your main contact and they will have support from the rest of the team as required

  • Your projects will also be overseen by Luke and he will always be in the loop to support you and the BagMe team to ensure you are always getting the highest level of support possible

  • As personnel hours are the priority criteria of your support package, we will take care of as many products/projects as we can fit within the time allocated

  • The number of products listed under each package is an estimate of how many products we should be able to take care of within the allocated personnel hours

  • Less technical projects with lower amounts of sizes and SKU's means we are likely to be able to service more products within the personnel hours allocated to you

  • More technical projects usually take more time to service per product and therefore the number of products would be less

  • If you are working within the allocated personnel hours we will support with as little or as many products as possible

  • Once again these numbers serve as a guide/estimate only and represent the quantity of sizes and SKU's we are likely able to service within the allocated personnel hours

  • Quality Control (QC) is a very time-consuming process and one of the most important tasks in the development and delivery of a product
  • The Free On Board (FOB) price is the US$ factory price of a product delivered to your allocated freight forwarder at the local port (near to the factory) after production.
  • The value listed for here is the maximum order value (per year) we will guarantee to take care before we might need to negotiate some extra fees - depending on how much time QC for your products take
  • Most brands have 2-3 order cycles per year. However, some of these brands may be producing at two, three or more factories at any given time.
  • The number of orders listed under each package is there just in case you need to us to support you with QC at multiple factories in each order cycle and we need to allocate extra staff to take care of production for you.

BagMe "Good Faith" Policy

Our aim is to create efficient and successful business relationships which spend more time focusing on your goals and less time discussing fees, hours worked, negotiating new projects and contracts.

We do not contract our clients to our services and although we take every effort to communicate and clarify the terms of our support, we do not strictly adhere to the limitations we advertise, but rather use these limitations as guideline which will only be referred to when, for example:

  1. We believe you are paying too much for our services and may need to be moved onto a lower-cost package or,

  2. We feel your project is taking up more time from our team than expected and we need to discuss moving you onto a higher value package


In “good faith” our team will also service you without keeping a record of the amount of time they/we spend supporting your projects. Keeping track of hours when trying to manage multiple projects is very time consuming and can create a lot of unnecessary discussion and negotiation.

The structure of our services have been designed to make it easy to see when we are spending too little or too much time on any given project without the need for monitoring hours worked.

Privacy & NDA’s

Many start-ups ask us if we can sign an NDA but in reality, most start-ups do not have the legal budget to pursue a breach of non-disclosure – and nor do we. We prefer not to sign NDA’s.


The most valuable asset we have at BagMe is our credibility. Trust takes a long time to earn but can be destroyed in an instant.


You can rest assured that any sensitive information you share with BagMe will kept confidential and in accordance with the NDA whether we sign one or not.


We will rarely agree to sign NDA's but we will always treat your information in accordance with our NDA which you can read here.



We understand that the easiest clients to win for the future are the ones we already have. Therefore, it is in our interest to ensure you are always receiving the best value for money, getting the most professional service and that your information is well protected.

We do not need to contract our clients to our services as we know that you will chose to stay with us purely due to the quality of service and value we add to your projects.

In “good faith” we trust that our clients will appreciate this style of doing business and we are certain that our values will make business easier, more enjoyable and create more successful long-term partnerships.

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