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Product development

BagMe is a product development company focused on supporting established brands, start-ups and organisations with the development and production of soft goods and equipment such as bags, backpacks, accessories, sleeping bags & tents.


With almost 20 years commercial experience working in Europe, Australia and Asia in both product development and sales for international brands, BagMe's owner/operator Luke and partners can offer you a world of experience while giving you access to the very best factories and suppliers our industry has to offer.

Australian humour, German attention to detail and Vietnamese resourcefulness.  We have it all...

BagMe was established by Luke Reynolds in 2016.  Luke has worked for almost 20 years throughout Europe, Australia and Asia with brands such as Crumpler and Salewa in product management specialising in the development of technical backpacks and outdoor gear such as tents, sleeping bags, socks, gloves and other accessories.


Luke also has a wealth of experience retail management and sales, responsible for planning, opening and managing stores in Europe & Australia...


As a Product Developer Luke has worked on some interesting projects with a wide range of professionals such as Photo Journalist Ulla Lohmann (Germany), Antarctic explorer Duncan Chessell (Australia), Germany's youngest Mountain Guide Michi Wohlleben, Extreme Skier's Joe Vallone (USA) as well as the one and only Glen - and Kimberly - Plake, along with many others.  These relationships have ensured his products have been put to the test in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. 


Luke has also developed highly technical backpacks with mountain rescue teams in Europe as well as large volume low-cost product for Germany's largest loyalty program.  You can check out some of Luke's previous work here.

After spending most of the past 12 years in Europe and Asia, Luke decided to return to Australia in mid-2016 to establish BagMe. 


However, BagMe also has an office in Vietnam and Luke is currently spending most of his time in Asia working "on location" based out of Saigon.  This means that BagMe is able to service clients from all over the world and that we are right where you need us to be...

Check out some more details on our projects, both past and present...

Why Choose BagMe
About BagMe
Office in Saigon

Why Choose BagMe

01. We know the industry

BagMe has an edge over our competitors as we understand the process of making bags from raw material all the way to the end use of a product.

We not only understand how materials are made, how products are developed and how to conduct detailed quality control, we also understand how retailing works.  Luke has worked as a Director of Retail in Europe and has trained retail teams in 5 countries across the globe.


This means that when we are supporting you with development and/or quality control, we sincerely know “why” we are doing what we are doing.

02. We have an office in Saigon, Vietnam

We are right where you need us to be.  Having someone on the ground here in Vietnam who can visit factories and sample rooms at short notice – sometimes within hours – can save a lot of time and money as we can help solve small problems before they become serious issues.

03. Connections

Our network of manufacturers and materials suppliers is the envy of many of the best Product Managers in the industry…


We are connected with over 20 factories here in Vietnam ranging from the largest backpack manufacturer, all the way to smaller locally owned factories with as few as 40 workers.

We have no special affiliation with any one factory which means we can support a wide range of clients from start-ups to multi-million dollar international brands and if you are looking for a factory, you can be sure we will help find the best one for “you”, your team, your products and your buying volume.

04. Flexibility

We understand our client all have different needs and we can either work with your team within the systems and procedures you have already develop, or we can help you better understand in the industry and support you to develop your own.


Working with your current vendors is fine with us, or if you are looking for a new factory to support you with your project, we will be more than happy to support you with this.


And as we are based here in Vietnam, we can respond quickly and visit factories and suppliers to help sort out issues – or just check on progress – at very short notice.

05. More for your money

Working with BagMe will save you time, money and help reduce development lead times.


Our monthly packages offer excellent value for money and can be significantly cheaper than paying for a Freelancer. 

You will get access to the skills of all BagMe team members and as we are based here in Vietnam, we can respond to questions from factories immediately and arrive on site within an hour two to ensure questions are answered fast and any potential issues are solved efficiently.

06. Easy monthly payment plans

Our monthly plans make business easy.  Our aim to is spend more time on product and less time negotiating business terms.


One simple monthly fee regardless of the tasks we are carrying out on the agreed projects.


Supporting your team with documentation and ideas, sampling, consulting, material sourcing, quality control, whatever needs to be done… 

07. Transparent Costing

We provide out clients with open costing in the form of a detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) which shows the cost of every material used on your product, consumptions of those materials, factory overheads, labour costs, margins and more.


BagMe’s BOM is one of the most comprehensive and flexible BOM’s available and we provide this tool as standard to all of our clients on a monthly package.

08. Attention to detail

We have developed products that have been used by Mountaineers, Adventure Photographers, Explorers, on expeditions and more… 


Such products need to be made to the highest standards and survive in some of the most extreme conditions – and on some of the toughest users – on the planet.


Even when we are working on fashion products and/or everyday bags, we draw on this experience to ensure even the most simple products are made to the highest standards. 

To learn more about BagMe, check out the full testimonials

Monthly Payments
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