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bags, backpacks, accessories, sleeping bags, tents and other sewn products.

BagMe offers a wide range of solution-based services to support you through any - or every - step of your product development process.

We can support you with sourcing the best factory to produce your products, we offer design support, product development services, sampling and production quotes, production management and quality control.

For corporate clients with existing products or collections requiring ongoing support, check out our fixed monthly fee support packages.  If your project is larger in scale and/or requires a tailored solution, we are ready to hear from you to discuss how we can help.

If you are a start-up either developing a product for the first time, or a small company in the early years of business and you need support from industry experts to help take you to the next level, you've come to the right place! Read below to learn more about our services and click here for more information.

Tailored Services

Factory & Material Sourcing

We have over 20 years experience sourcing fabrics, materials, packaging and production facilities around the world and have a strong network of suppliers throughout Asia, Europe, the USA and Australia specialising in the production of bags, backpacks and other sewn products.


When you work with BagMe you have one partner with connections to more than 30 bag and backpack factories ranging in scale from 30 to well-over 3000 workers.


A good working relationship with the right factory plays a vital role in the success of any business relationship. BagMe will ensure you are connected with a factory whose interests are in-line with yours, who have the skills and technology to handle your products and who are comfortable producing the type of product and quantities you are forecasting.


Our material suppliers create both high-tech and budget materials including fabrics, mesh, webbing, zips, buckles and fasteners, foam, labels, logos and more and we can also support you in the development of new materials if required.


Sampling & Production Quotes

BagMe can give you access to some of the most highly experienced bag & backpack pattern-makers and sample technicians in Vietnam who will impress you with their sample making skills.

We can also visit your current factories on your behalf to check on your current developments, offer you any advice or feedback which might be helpful for your projects and/or help resolve issues you may be having with the sample room.

A detailed Bill Of Materials (BOM) will be issued to all clients using our sourcing & development services which will give you full transparency and greater control of your product costs.

Whether your product is highly technical/functional using state-of-the-art materials, or whether you have a strict target price and require low cost materials, we have the experience and the resources to develop samples that will exceed your expectation and meet your target price.

BagMe work on behalf of, and in the interest of our clients and we charge for our services independently of your product price. This means we do NOT add a percentage to your product cost nor do we receive any kickbacks from any factories.

Our aim to get you the best possible value for money and FOB pricing to ensure you can remain competitive in your market and that you chose to work with BagMe long into the future.


Product Development

Whether you are a CEO or Product Manager looking for someone to support your team and work with your current vendors, or you are a start-up or young brand with little or no experience, we are confident we can help!


At BagMe we understand in detail how bags & backpacks are created. We have experience in pattern making, material development, sewing and construction methods and are very aware of the difference between what can be made in a sample room and what can be achieved on a production line.


With years of experience in retail management in Europe and Australia and using high-end technical outdoor equipment in the field, BagMe’s founder Luke also has in depth knowledge and first hand-experience developing and using products that are expected to perform in some of the most extreme conditions. (Learn more under ABOUT BagMe)


This experience means you are working with a team who can really understand you and your consumer’s expectations, while also being able to relate to and communicate with the pattern makers and sewers involved with sampling and producing your products.


We will help take the stress out of product development while offering ideas and solutions to make your products stronger, more durable and easier to produce – which means lower pricing and better quality.


Design Support

BagMe offers designer-focused consultation services, providing designers - and people with great ideas - support to create accurate and detailed documentation of their designs in preparation for development and sampling.


We also provide training for bag and backpack designers who are seeking in depth knowledge of how their products are developed and manufactured. We offer basic training in pattern making, training in creating better tech-packs to help you get better results from the sample room and we encourage visits to Vietnam during development and production so we can show you how your products are created.


Are you NOT a designer and have an idea for a product? In most cases we can directly support you with the design of your product. However, If your project requires extra creative inspiration and/or design resources, BagMe has contacts to designers and design agencies all over the world who we can connect with to support us with your project.


For clients who require an existing product which can be adjusted and customised to help fast-track development and delivery, consider checking out our small collection customisable bags and backpacks click here.


Production & Quality


When you work with BagMe to support you with your quality control (QC), you are working with a team who truly understands the production process and we aim to resolve all unforeseen issues long before the final assembly of your products.


Many brands are often faced with the challenging situation of finding problems with their production during a “final inspection”.  We avoid this by being on the production line while your products are being produced and we find solutions to issues as they happen, long before they become serious problems.


BagMe can either take care of your QC process and communicate with you and your team via Skype and email during production, or we can work side-by-side with your current QC team on-site if you require extra resources, skills and/or experience.

We always carry out the QC process with the next production-order in mind. Whenever we solve a production issue, we establish whether the issue was a genuine mistake, communication error or if the pattern or process needs to be adjusted.


We keep out eye on the small details to ensure your products look great, are as durable as possible and meet you and your client’s expectations.


Before your goods are dispatched from the factory, you will have confidence that when your delivery arrives to your warehouse, you will know exactly what to expect!

You know what to do!  Contact us to discuss how we can support you during your next production.

Dedicated Team Management

Corporate Support Packages

Save time, reduce travel costs and increase productivity by having your own team – or team member – based in Vietnam working directly with your factories and suppliers.


Whether you need someone working for you part-time, or you need a team of people overseeing sampling, costing and quality control, BagMe can support you to hire staff dedicated to supporting you and your team.


We will take care of office space, business tools, ongoing training and support and also manage payroll issues in accordance with Vietnamese labour laws.  You just pay one monthly fee plus any extra development and freight costs you approve and we will take care of the rest.


BagMe offer Corporate Support Packages starting from as little as US$500 per month.  For clients with larger projects and/or special requirements, we can tailor a package especially for you.


To find out more click here or go to SERVICES > Corporate Services in the main menu.



Whether you are seeking a production quote for an existing product or product line, have questions, feedback, or are interested in working with us on your project, we're always open to discussing new ideas and helping companies and individuals find solutions to bring their concepts to life. 

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