BOgear, Australia

— Dave Bell

"Luke and BagMe have given me the confidence in offshore production, taking away the “what if” and worries which go on inside your head."


Georgia Lockhart-Adams

Linear Standby Belts, New Zealand

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June 2020

"We were recommended Luke by a colleague of mine about 3 years ago. I was struggling with the offshore production of my range, which at the time was split between two countries.


Linear Standby Belts had already been running for 4 years, we were manufacturing customisable tool belts for makeup artists. I had hit a brick wall with the manufacture process, we had massive communication problems, factories closing down, quality control inspections going wrong, substandard goods arriving and I  always had an overriding feeling that not much care was being taken because we are a small company. 

It was all too hard and I was ready to throw the towel in, especially knowing I had to find a new factory and start the sampling process again. 


I called Luke, we had a great chat on the phone and knew immediately he was the man for us! 

Luke has enabled us to grow our business, to develop and finesse our range. He has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in the world of bags and has taught us a lot. His eye is second to none, his attention to detail is phenomenal. He has sourced us a new factory in Vietnam and has so beautifully stepped in to remove all the stressful parts of production from my life!  Luke takes care of all liaising and communicating, development, quality control, packaging and fine tuning… he will not stop until it is right! 


I would highly recommend Luke to anyone looking for help with manufacture offshore, he is professional, hardworking and incredibly diligent."

Jérémy Cabaret

Impetro Gear, Austria

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June 2020

"In order to understand how Luke helped us, you need to understand our situation:
I had an idea with a friend of a modular backpack for mountain sports. We did some sketches, rough prototypes made of wood, foam, tape and nails (yes... nails!)... It looked ugly but the idea was there.

We then faced the first obstacle: How do we move forward? We did what lots of people did: we went on Alibaba and asked some factories around. One year has passed and needless to say this process was never going to work out for us…
We needed support for different things:
1: translate our ideas into something producible
2: find a factory willing to do this work
3: to put us in contact with a suppliers network
4: manage the sampling and production QC

One day we heard about Luke from a friend of my neighbour. We did some Skype calls to get to know each other and decided to work with him (Very good and flexible offer btw). I can assure you that it is one of the best decisions I’ve personally taken at Impetro Gear! I cannot imagine reaching the point we are at now without Luke’s support.

We managed to enter a start-up incubator in Salzburg, to do a successful crowdfunding (more than 50,000€ raised), to be selected for ISPO Brand New Award and to finish our first production ever at the time I am writing.
What more do you need?

He supported us at the beginning by showing and teaching us how to properly communicate our ideas
He gave tons of technical and construction inputs into our designs.
He welcomed us in Saigon 2 times where we met the factory and learn extremely valuable lessons.
He found solutions for every problem that we faced during the whole project (approx. 2 years)
He communicates a lot. He kept us updated on a daily/weekly basis on every phases of the project. I really appreciate his availability for talking with us whenever we wanted. 

He is always looking to improve things and stays pro-active and positive whatever the situation.

I feel this is the beginning of our partnership because I can’t imagine continuing the upcoming development and production without Luke. And now I am even asking myself: “We already had a fast development time, but how fast can we go this time knowing that he doesn’t have to teach us the basics of soft goods?”

So in short, if you are looking for someone who knows the bag industry, has a great network, has experiences and can definitively unlocks your potential: He is your man!

Luke is widely open to new ideas and always looking to create new stuff, but beware, Luke is honest and true as well.
He will not tell you something is great or beautiful because you want to hear it. He is a professional and his objective is to make something that you can sell and produce. So, if you are looking for some validation or whatsoever, be ready to hear the unfiltered reality from someone who knows how to make backpacks.


This is what you get for working with Luke: You move forward!

Want to hear more stories about him? Just drop me an email and we can talk."


Dave Bell

BOGear, Australia

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October 2016

"Subbie is a lightweight internationally (Vietnamese) produced entry level price point alternative to our custom Australian Made built to order backpack.

As a brand creator I know the importance of giving customers options. However as an Australian made brand we struggled to produce at a low price point. I knew an offshore product line was key yet was concerned that producing in Asia might have a potential to negatively impact our brand. Because of this, producing the Subbie was certainly not taken lightly.

This is where Luke and BagMe stepped in. With a long, almost unbelievable list of high quality factory and material suppliers I knew I was dealing with the best of the best. Walking the floor of the factory was certainly eye opening as I could see the quality, care and dedication first hand. As a brand creator with a factory of my own it was inspiring to break all the standard stereotypes of offshore production. Production itself was amazing to watch, however this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Luke and BagMe understand the importance of a quality supply chain, and so not only ensured all fabrics and trims met our high standards, but also introduced me to key contacts.

Luke and BagMe have given me the confidence in offshore production, taking away the “what-if” and worries which go on inside your head. The whole endeavour was inspiring and to date has only improved our brand image with our customers as it now encourages more into the world of BOgear."


Robert Smagala

Tiger Tailor, France

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September 2017

"Our company designs and organizes the production of sewn tactical equipment for various European clients.

When we needed to contract a tactical vest project in Vietnam we found the perfect partner in Luke. During the whole project he proved to be extremely professional and detail oriented – we found that his work requirements way exceeded ours!

He also advised us thoroughly about various aspects of overseas production that we were unfamiliar with – proving that having Luke on the factory floor was critical to saving time and money that could be lost to errors or miscommunication between the factory and our company.

Luke basically walked us through the whole project in a very educational manner. He also managed to source fabric and trims that proved to exceed our performance and price expectations - which are quite different from the outdoor industry requirements.

The quality check Luke provided allowed to catch some glitches in time. The product was delivered in a timeframe consistent with the predictions he had made, and the end customer was delighted with the quality.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Luke as factory-side partner and won’t hesitate to call him when future projects come up."


Whether you are seeking a production quote for an existing product or product line, have questions, feedback, or are interested in working with us on your project, we're always open to discussing new ideas and helping companies and individuals find solutions to bring their concepts to life. 

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