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Product development

At BagMe we understand in detail how bags & backpacks are created. We have experience in pattern making, material development, sewing and construction methods and are very aware of the difference between what can be made in a sample room and what can be achieved on a production line.

Whether you are a CEO or Product Manager looking for someone to support your team and work with your current vendors, or you are a start-up or young brand with little or no experience, we are confident we can help!


With years of experience in retail management in Europe and Australia and using high-end technical outdoor equipment in the field, BagMe’s founder Luke also has in depth knowledge and first hand-experience developing and using products that are expected to perform in some of the most extreme conditions.


Learn more about Luke's experience under ABOUT BagMe


This experience means you are working with a team who can really understand you and your consumer’s expectations, while also being able to relate to and communicate with the pattern makers and sewers involved with sampling and producing your products.


We will help take the stress out of product development while offering ideas and solutions to make your products stronger, more durable and easier to produce – which means lower pricing and better quality.

Product Development services are included in our monthly Support Packages

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