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Product development

"finding backpack factories is easy.  But choosing the right factory requires a level of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry that is not so easy to find..."

When you work with BagMe you can be sure that we will be working in your interest to find the very best factory suited to you, your products and your buying volumes.

A good working relationship with the right factory plays a vital role in the success of any business. BagMe will ensure you are connected with a factory whose interests are in-line with yours, who have the skills and technology to handle your products and who are comfortable producing the type of product and quantities you are forecasting.

We have connections to more than 30 bag and backpack factories ranging in scale from well-over 3000 workers all the way to smaller locally owned factories with as few as 30 employees.

Someone once told me, bigger isn't always better.  I can't remember if this comments was made was about backpack factories or not, but the point is, big factory systems don't suit every brand and even in a big factory, some products might only be made by line of 20 workers anyway.  However, if you do need a big factory to fulfill your needs, we will be more than happy to show you one - or more...

If you are serious about finding the right factory, fast, then contact us now!

Note: Sourcing services are included in our monthly Support Packages

Are you a start-up or smaller brand?

Choosing the right factory to support you with the develop and production of your first products can be the difference between success and failure of your brand. 

Small volumes?  No problems

When we work with some factories, they see BagMe as the client and when we combine the production volume of 4 or 5 smaller bands or start-ups, this adds up to reasonable size business for some factories.

This means, when you work with BagMe, you can still have access to world-class factories even as a start-up or small brand. For more info, click here

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