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Product development

When you work with BagMe to support you with your quality control (QC), you are working with a team who truly understands the production process and we aim to resolve all unforeseen issues long before the final assembly of your products.

Many brands are often faced with the challenging situation of finding problems with their production during a “final inspection”.  Although we do offer "final inspection" QC services for some clients, we prefer to avoid such situations by being on the production line while your products are being produced.  We can then find solutions to issues as they happen and long before they become serious problems.


BagMe can either take care of your QC process and communicate with you and your team via Skype and email during production, or we can work side-by-side with your current QC team on-site if you require extra resources, skills and/or experience.

We always carry out the QC process with the next production-order in mind. Whenever we solve a production issue, we establish whether the issue was a genuine mistake, communication error or if the pattern or process needs to be adjusted. Once the situation has been clarified, we make sure that the solution has been communicated with the appropriate people - and that any documentation has been updated - to ensure the same problem doesn't occur again during following production orders.


We keep our eye on the small details to ensure your products look great, are as durable as possible and meet you and your customer's expectations.


Before your goods are dispatched from the factory, you will have confidence that when your delivery arrives to your warehouse, you will know exactly what to expect!

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Note: Quality Control services are included in our monthly STANDARD, PREMIUM & CORPORATE Support Packages and are supplied at a discounted rate with our MINI & BASIC package

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