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Material Development

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Sample Making

Product Development

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No fixed terms or contract period

We don't like contracts.  End your subscription at any time with as little as 15 days notice.  Our aim is ensure you benefit from our service and enjoy working with us so much that you will never want to leave.

Support Packages

Support Packages



Perfect for small projects such as hip bags, simple tote bags, and non-technical backpacks.

With this package, you'll still receive access to our sourcing network and product development expertise.



Designed for small brands and projects requiring ongoing support. Our STANDARD Package is perfect for more technical products or small collections of 2-3 medium complexity products.



Ideal for single bag projects of medium complexity, possibly accompanied with a related accessory. Also perfect for 2-3 simple products like those in the MINI Package



Require ongoing support in the sample room and on the production line in Vietnam?

Gain access to a world of high-quality suppliers and inside knowledge, opening up new opportunities for your brand.



A great alternative to hiring full-time staff.  Save on travel costs and gain access to an entire team with a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and connections, dedicated to supporting you, your team and your brand.

Terms of service can be downloaded here:


If our packages don't fit your needs, we're happy to discuss how we can help. Need us for a day to check on some samples? Or, want us to employ and support local staff on your behalf?  Contact us and let’s talk!

We always keep information about your project confidential. Our standard NDA can be downloaded here:

  • Freight and shipping costs for samples, sample materials and production orders

  • Potential sample material costs

  • Any extra development and sampling costs charged by factories and/or material suppliers for special developments

  • Testing/Certifying products and/or material with testing labs

  • Any other unforeseen costs required for the development and/or certification of your products

  • Travel costs other than travel within 2 hours (by road or rail) from District 2, HCMC, Vietnam

  • Salesman Samples (SMS)

  • Support your Designers and product team with ideas, solutions and documentation

  • Material sourcing, development and management

  • Factory sourcing and relationship management

  • Support with documentation and communication (comments documents) for sample rooms

  • On-site representation in sample rooms as required to oversee product development & sampling

  • Scheduled video calls to discuss ongoing project status

  • Bill of Material (BOM) management and delivery

  • Production Order (PO) management

  • Full oversight of your project by Luke and support from our team at BagMe

  • Above prices are exclusive of GST

  • Please note our prices are listed in USD due to:

    • Our operating cost being more closely tied to the USD

    • The fluctuating AUD in relation to the USD

    • The fact that we have clients from all over the world

    • Materials and production is almost always quoted and invoiced in USD

  • We will invoice you in AUD for our services (payable to our account at Bank Australia) unless you chose to be invoiced in USD

  • BagMe Product Development is an Australian company, owned and operated by an Australian and with our accounting office in Sherwood (Brisbane), Queensland.

  • BagMe also has an office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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