Customizable bags for bulk order

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy just one bag in your online store?

Unfortunately no. BagMe is a product development company focused on working with clients by supporting them with their sourcing, product development and production. BagMe is not a brand of bags and we do not sell individual items.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

As a "general rule" the minimum production order throughout the industry is 500 units per style - and often per colour. Some of the factories we work with are currently sitting on a lot of stock of interesting fabrics and materials in a wide range of colours. If you find the right fabric for your product from our stock books, we can reduce the MOQs down to about 200 and sometimes lower. There will however be upcharges on orders that fall below the 500 MOQ which are listed in the product description for each product.

Can I select my own materials & colours?

Yes! We have an almost endless network of suppliers who make all the materials you could imagine. Once we know more about your project, we will offer you some recommendations which are likely to incluse hundred's - if not thousands - of materials to choose from. Otherwise, you may find some interesting materials in factory stock that we have access to. By selecting some of these materials, we may be able to reduce your lead time and offer lower order quantities if required. These fabric range from low-cost polyesters to high end N66 Nylon Cordura and we have some funcky colours. If you alredy have your own materials and suppliers, this is also fine with us. Just introduce us and we will organise the materials orders and logistics with them...

Where can I see my fabric options?

There are too many fabrics on the market to list on our website, although we do show ideas in the MATERIALS section of our website. We have access to literally hundreds of suppliers and are confident that we can source exactly what you are looking for. Please just email, Skype or call us, let us know more about what you are looking for and we will gather some suitable options for your review and selection.

Can I use one of your products and re-design it?

Of course. It is exactly this question that inspired the development of a BagMe store. Some people would call and ask "do you have a bag I can use as base and re-design it to fit my concept?". We always had to say no as all of the bags we made were already the property of other clients. So we had to create our own small collection to get the ball rolling. If you like the idea behind one of our bags, we'd love to work with you to re-deign it and launch the product into your selected market... Contact us!

What is the lead-time for my order?

BagMe makes all products to order and we do NOT keep any stock - apart from some samples that we may sell in our store at times - as our clients are people already running brands or starting a new company. Therefor our lead times are based on the industry standard for producing softgoods which ranges from 8-12 weeks for most orders depending on material availability, factory capacity, order volume and complexity of the product to produce. If you select materials from factory stock, we should be able to get the lead-time down to about 8 weeks for most basic product. However, if you require a special zip or colour from YKK this would add another 4 weeks as YKK does not keep any stock and have a 6 week production lead-time. Contact us and let us know more about what you need and we will help find the best solution to get what you need - and when you need it.

BagMe is a product development company and not a brand.  We only produce product to order and do not keep any stock of the products we produce for our clients.

As BagMe is not a brand, we also do not develop our own products.  However, as we had so many calls from potential clients asking "do you have a bag I can use to re-design to fit my concept?" we thought we'd better respond to the market and start setting up a basic collection people can choose from.

Although the bags shown can be ordered "as is" and with your logo, there is also an opportunity to use the bag and make significant changes to the features, materials and even shape and size to develop your own product. 

Note: significant changes may incur development fees for some projects.

We can also take away some features and use low-cost material to offer you a better price if you need something like a promo bag.

In any case, all of our products are produced 'to order' and there will be a lead-time of 8-12 weeks from order to dispatch depending on the choices you make through the development of your product.

We are currently in negotiation with a few factories and accessory suppliers to add products to the BagMe shop from their in-house collections.  If you are a manufacturer and are interested in this idea, please email us at and introduce yourself.  We'd love to hear from you.