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Make Backpack Samples

3 Reasons to Make Backpack Samples

When you finally have your design laid out and your plans in order, it can be tempting to jump straight into production. However, taking the time to make backpack samples can provide invaluable lessons and benefits, including those listed below.

Test the Design

Your backpack design idea may be great in theory, but until it becomes a tangible object, you’ll not know for sure. This is one of the best reasons to make backpack samples.

Samples give you the opportunity to test your product before introducing it to the general public. You might realize that the backpack needs to be bigger or smaller, that the color you chose looks better in a picture than up close, or notice that you should add another feature.

It also gives you the chance to test the durability and more. You can take notes of all that you notice and communicate them to your product development support backpacks team. You can then work together to improve your design.

Get Feedback

You can also use backpack samples to gain thoughts and opinions from others. You can let friends, neighbors, or family members test the sample to get more thorough feedback on the design.

Generate Product Demand

If you decide your sample lives up to your idea, you can wear it or have someone else wear it out in public. When friends ask where you or they got it, it’s an open door for word of mouth advertising. You can give a launch date for your product to create demand long before beginning mass production.


Creating and testing samples is a vital step in the design and manufacturing process. With our product development support backpacks services, BagMe Product Development will find the best pattern maker and designer to make your samples. We’ll then work with you to find the strengths and weaknesses and ensure quality production.

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