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Packed with features this sleek bag has become the bag I use most days as it holds my laptop, accessories, documents, cables and more and the shape looks pretty good when it's being worn...


With an interesting material selection and nice branding, this product will really generate some interest in the market.  Make it yours!


MOQ: 500 units


330 - 499 : + 20%

120 - 329 : + 30%

80 - 119 : + 50%

20 - 79 : + 100%


Lead time: 8-12 weeks to dispatch depending on factory, material supply etc.


Due to the endless option we offer, we are unable to take bulk-production orders directly from our website at this time.

Please use the contact details in our shop page to contact us, let us know what item/s you are interested in and will will get back to you ASAP to answer all of your questions.