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We tried to make this bag a more "boxy" shape while still keeping the bag relatively simple and expandable.


This bag has a nice main compartmat with document sleeve, 2 x cable sleeves and easy access A5 size sleeve with key hook.  The second compartment will fit a small A4 folder and has 6 organisational sleeves for pens, business cards, phone carger and more.  The small front pocket is perfect for ogansing cables...


If you have the need for this style of bag, we'd be more than happy to see it be developed into a more targeted product.  We'd also be more than happy to produce this bag "as is" for you...


Urban Basic

  • MOQ: 500 units


    330 - 499 : + 20%

    120 - 329 : + 30%

    80 - 119 : + 50%

    20 - 79 : + 100%


    Lead time: 8-12 weeks to dispatch depending on factory, material supply etc.

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