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Very Business

Thing thing has a place for everything.  Laptop, documents , cables, passport & boarding pass, business cards, pens, mouse, cables, keys and more...


This bag is a maket ready qualtiy product and could be improved a lot just by selecting some nice material and having some cool bradning on it.


MOQ: 500 units


330 - 499 : + 20%

120 - 329 : + 30%

80 - 119 : + 50%

20 - 79 : + 100%


Lead time: 8-12 weeks to dispatch depending on factory, material supply etc.


Due to the endless option we offer, we are unable to take bulk-production orders directly from our website at this time.

Please use the contact details in our shop page to contact us, let us know what item/s you are interested in and will will get back to you ASAP to answer all of your questions.