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Product development

BagMe offers designer-focused consultation and support, providing designers - and people with great ideas - support to create accurate and detailed documentation of their designs in preparation for development and sampling.

Although BagMe is not a design company, we provide the majority of our clients design support.  While our clients usually drive the creative direction of their products, we support with documenting the designs and offering feedback on functionality, materials, construction and more.

In cases where professional creative design is required, we have close relationships with Designers from all over the world who we can call on to support you - or us - with your project.


We also provide training for bag and backpack designers who are seeking in depth knowledge of how their products are developed and manufactured. We offer basic training in pattern making, training in creating better tech-packs to help you get better results from the sample room and we encourage visits to Vietnam during development and production so we can show you how your products are created.


If you have a project that needs to be fast-tracked and you want to take an existing product, make some changes, select new materials and add your company logo, we have a small range of bags that we can offer you to customise for your project. You can check out the products here.

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