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Product development

We have over 20 years experience sourcing fabrics, hardware, packaging and production facilities around the world and have a strong network of suppliers throughout Asia, Europe, the USA and Australia specialising in the production of materials for bags, backpacks and other sewn products.


Our material suppliers create both high-tech and budget materials including fabrics, mesh, webbing, zips, buckles and fasteners, foam, labels, logos and more and we can also support you in the development of new materials if required.

Below are just some of the materials you will have access to when you work with BagMe.


As product developers focused on bags and soft goods, we have endless options of Polyester and Nylon fabrics with a variety of weights, textures, coatings and of course price. 

If you have a special project that requires materials such Hemp, Leather, Cotton, Silk, or even high-tech materials like Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethelene (UHMWPE) you're also in luck!

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Whether you need a basic 3D mesh for a budget product, or a high-tech mesh for a cutting-edge design, you are going to be impressed - as we are - with the materials we have access to. We have a very close relationship with one of the most creative and capable mesh suppliers in the industry and we are excited to introduce you to their products...

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Our webbing suppliers have the most up to date processes and machines and offer some amazing webbing products and solutions. We can also develop new webbing products to meet your specific needs.

Here are just a few examples of the different webbing we can create for your products.

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We work with some of the industry's prominent buckle manufacturers such as WooJin, ITW, Duraflex, Fidlock & YKK and have hundreds of samples for you to choose from.

These suppliers also produce items such as zip pullers and if you have a special design for a buckle or related accessory, we can support you with development to create your own individualised/branded items.

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Walking into a YKK factory for the first time is an experience you'll never forget and it becomes clear why this brand is synonymous with zips and fasteners. 

However, there are other brands such as Riri who offer quality alternative products and we also have access to lower-cost manufacturers in Asia if your project requires.  

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With some relatively new technologies in laminating and cutting foams, designers all around the world have responded by using foam products in some interesting and creative ways.

We have access to EVA foams, Artilon as well as PE & PU sponges. We can help you with thermal and injection moulded parts and can supply everything from fireproof to coloured foam.

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If you require digital or sublimation printing, printed care and warning labels or woven labels, we work with some great suppliers who provide a huge range of options and technologies.

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