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Product development

BagMe can give you access to some of the most highly experienced bag & backpack pattern-makers and sample technicians in Vietnam who will impress you with their sample making skills.

Whether your product is highly technical/functional using state-of-the-art materials, or whether you have a strict target price and require low cost materials, we have the experience and the resources to develop samples that will exceed your expectation and meet your target price.

Check out more about material sourcing here.

A detailed Bill Of Materials (BOM) will be issued to all clients using our Support Packages which will give you full transparency and greater control of your product costs.  Our aim to get you the best possible value for money and FOB pricing to ensure you can remain competitive in your market and that you chose to work with BagMe long into the future.

If you only need our support for a day or two, we can also visit your current factories on your behalf to check on your current developments, offer you any advice or feedback which might be helpful for your projects and/or help resolve issues you may be having with the sample room.

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