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specialist in bags, backpacks, tents, outdoor sports equipment & other sewn products


If you are seeking support on the ground here in Vietnam to help with the development of your products, sampling, or to over see production to ensure your products are being manufactured to the highest standards, BagMe might just be the partner you are looking for.

We can either work with your existing vendors, or support you in finding a new manufacturer here in Vietnam and although we have big brand and international experience, we also love working with start-ups and offering them access to the very best resources this industry has to offer.

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Our Services

Product Development

 We help take the stress out of product development while offering ideas and solutions to make your products stronger, durable and easy to produce – which means lower pricing and higher quality.

Factory Sourcing

With our huge network bag factories & material suppliers, you can be sure we will connect you with partners who have the skills and capacity best suited to your project.

Quality Control

Ensure your order is delivered on time and to level of quality you expect. BagMe will ensure you have no surprises when your production order arrives in your warehouse.

Samples & Quotes

We will work directly with the sample room to ensure your instructions are carried out accurately and that you receive samples that exceed your expectations.

Transparent Costing

Have full transparency, more control and better understanding of your product cost using our comprehensive Bill Of Material & Cost Breakdown to help you achieve your target pricing.

Design Support

We will support you to clarify your ideas and create professional documentation that will ensure our pattern makers and sample technicians truly understand your vision.

Australian humour, German attention to detail and Vietnamese resourcefulness.  We have it all...

Custom Product design, development, and production solutions

Our Clients

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"Luke and BagMe have given me the confidence in offshore production, taking away the “what if” and worries which go on inside your head."

Dave Bell

BOGear, Australia

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A BagMe Production

In this 17 minute video, you will see every step on the production line making a Day Owl backpack.


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