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For start-ups & premium brands

Streamline development with BagMe

specialist in bags, backpacks, outdoor sports equipment and other sewn products

BagMe is a product development company with an office in Vietnam, working hands on with factories. BagMe is focused on supporting established brands, start-ups and other organisations with the development and production of soft goods and equipment such as bags, backpacks, accessories, sleeping bags, tents and other sewn products.


With over 20 years commercial experience working in Europe, Australia and Asia in both product development and retail sales for international brands, BagMe's staff and our partners can offer you truly international perspective while developing your products and preparing for market.

Our wide range of experience and proven track record of managing projects from end-to-end means that we can provide you support at any point within your development schedule.

We understand the business, not only the product.


Design Support

We will support you to clarify your ideas and create professional documentation that will ensure our pattern makers and sample technicians truly understand your vision.

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Product Development

 We help take the stress out of product development while offering ideas and solutions to make your products stronger, durable and easy to produce – which means lower pricing and higher quality.

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Factory & Material Sourcing

With our huge network bag factories & material suppliers, you can be sure we will connect you with partners who have the skills and capacity best suited to your project.

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Quotes & Samples

Have full transparency, more control and better understanding of your product cost using our Bill Of Materials (BOM) to help you achieve your target pricing.

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Production & QC

Ensure your order is delivered on time and to level of quality you expect. BagMe will ensure you have no surprises when your production order arrives in your warehouse.

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Team Management

Need a dedicated team in Vietnam working on your projects full-time? We can hire experienced local staff on your behalf who have the skills you require for your projects.

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Bag Production

Bag & Backpack Designers

development support & industry training for bag & backpack designers

​If you are a designer who has an idea for bag or backpack but you need support communicating your designs and/or need access to high-quality bag factories and material suppliers, BagMe is you right choice!

We have years of experience supporting designers to industrialise their ideas while providing training and industry knowledge to help enhance the quality of their designs and documentation. BagMe will help you better understand pattern making, material selection, the development process and will even welcome you onto the production line so you can see step-by-step how your products come to life.

If you're a designer who wants to take your knowledge of the industry to the next level, contact us and let's chat about how we can best support you in bringing your ideas to life.

BagMe Project Portfolio

Check out some of our our past and present bag, backpack and accessory projects in our portfolio and to find out what some of our client have to say about BagMe, visit our testimonials page.

Backpack Portfolio

Developed with BagMe


Customise an Existing Product

fast-track development by starting with a BagMe customisable bag


Are you looking for an existing bag or backpack design you can customise for an upcoming sales event or promotional campaign?  Maybe you need a new OEM product to add to existing collection?


We have a small collection of bags and backpacks which you can customise into a high-end product by adding quality materials and features, or we can support with sourcing low-cost materials and reducing features to create cost-effective promotional bags and backpacks.


If your project does not require a unique design and you need to get to market fast, use one of our products and let us help you achieve your objective…


Whether you are seeking a production quote for an existing product or product line, have questions, feedback, or are interested in working with us on your project, we're always open to discussing new ideas and helping companies and individuals find solutions to bring their concepts to life.